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"CURITO" Connected Healthcare is a LATIN WORD meaning "TAKE CARE OF". is for "U" to "TAKE CARE OF" you.

Trust Framework

Curito is a single platform to bring the healthcare service providers and patients together for the phygital healthcare needs of the society...

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Singular Interface

We at CURITO understand the importance of Engaging with consumers and increase in patient experience, and investing in exponential technologies to...

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Social Context

CURITO is a Cloud based application to address the healthcare need of the Consumers (Patients & Payers) by reducing distance and offering...

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Come let's "Take Care"

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Our Services

Healthcare Consumer

  1. Entire health records like Prescription, Blood tests, etc for doctor consultation and emergency.
  2. Listing of Doctors, Clinics, etc.
  3. Get medical support services like Nurses, Physiotherapists, hospice care, etc.
  4. Keep record of blood sugar, pressure, etc regularly.
  5. Availability of medicines and laboratory tests at a discount.

Healthcare Provider

  1. Improved customer service and cost savings by providing medical reports on the mobile app.
  2. e-marketplace for healthcare services and products.
  3. Post hospitalisation support services like physiotherapy, nursing, etc.
  4. Listing of Clinics and Doctors.
  5. Customer focussed communication platform.

Healthcare Software

  1. Cloud based software.
  2. Clinic Management system including patient registration, Scheduling of doctors, Queue management and patient record inventory.
  3. EMR system with customised prescription, drug database, patient history, personalisation and multi-clinic support.
  4. Homecare service management software for service providers.

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