Multi Locational Laboratory &
Franchisee Management

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Pathology and diagnostic services to move closer to the patients

Healthcare consumers will want the end-to-end delivery of care. The patients' will look-out for choices of point-of-care which are closer to home and away from congested places to avoid infection.

Our solution for you

Curito Laboratory solutions is the digital infrastructure for the pathology laboratories to have multilocational business units along with their franchisees to reach far and wide as well as gives the capabilities to reach the patients at their convenience.

Laboratory Management and Front desk Automation

Management of the entire sample lifecycle, collection, testing, reports, and revenue across the multiple locations and the franchises are core to the success of the laboratory operations. The complete information of the order and testing process and automated delivery of the reports refocus the management bandwidth to business generation.

Remote Collection (Phlebotomist) & Interpretation Modules

Mobile-based modules for the phlebotomist builds the capability of the pathology lab to reach out to the patients away from the congested clinics and increase the business. The Interpreter doctor on the other hand can qualify results from his mobile and reduce the TAT bringing efficiency to the process.

Integrated Franchisee and Outsourcing Management

The mobile application for the franchisee gives them the capability to book orders and track them as well as deliver reports seamlessly to their customers. While the outreach of a pathology lab is built by the franchises and the product horizon is increased by the outsourcing module.

Enterprise and Marketing module

Business insight and cash flow management are an integral part of the success of any enterprise. The complete management of the stakeholders including the franchisee and the customers supported by the marketing module helps to improve the business.
Curito Clinic (included Telemedicine)
Curito remote monitoring system