Remote Monitoring

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More patients opts for Remote monitoring while being treated for corona virus

Pandemic COVID brings in the new challenge of treating the patients beyond the boundaries of the hospitals. More healthcare providers are providing the remote monitoring of patients at home only to bring them to hospital when it is critical, thus providing services to more with the same infrastructure, avoiding risk of exposure and being aware of the patient’s condition before they are in Hospital.

Our solution for you

Curito Remote Monitoring software helps the intensivists to monitor the near real time vital data for the patients in the home care or the quarantine facilities away from the hospital premises.

Patient Onboarding and History

Patient onboarding process constitutes the creation of the patient details along with the past history 0f diseases of family and diseases allergy, investigation, medication and clinical History. The data also constitutes the care-plan and suggestion on medicine, procedures and tests suggested by the doctor in the initial physical or virtual visit.

Monitoring and Observation

6 Vital parameters including Heart rate (HR), Blood Pressure (BP), Respiratory rate (RR), SpO2, Temperature and Glucose are recorded in the systems along with Glasgow Coma Scale along with intake / output and other readings. The patients test and records are stored in the system for the understanding and record for the provider.

Treatment and Transfer

The caregiver and the patient follow the care plan given by the doctor and shares the monitoring result which can be remotely viewed in the mobile application of the doctor. In the event where the patient needs to be moved to a Hospital the patient data is archived to be shared with the provider for fast response.

Communication and Education

The system is designed to have seamless communication between the care giver and provider and the observation regarding the patient. There are communication logs which are stored and the data regarding the medications which can be referred by the doctor. Facility for video chat helps interaction between the doctor and the caregiver.
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