Post COVID pandemic healthcare providers are increasingly adopting digital solutions.

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Digital solutions are the future of the healthcare.

COVID-19 has hastened the process of digital adoption by the healthcare providers. Digital Healthcare solutions increases the reach of the healthcare, reduces the risk to the provider and effectively brings in efficiency of scale and cost within the entire system.


Digital solutions for clinic management including the telemedicine, Remote ICU management in multi-locations, Multilocational Laboratory management including the extended franchises and the home healthcare.

CURITO Clinic is custom-built for the Clinics, Hospitals, Out Patient Departments, specialty clinics like IVF, Ophthalmic and Dental clinics as not only to screen the patients who can physically visit the establishment but also reduce the repeat visits of the patients.

Curito Laboratory solutions is the digital infrastructure for the pathology laboratories to have multilocational business units along with their franchisees to reach far and wide as well as gives the capabilities to reach the patients at their convenience.

Curito Remote Monitoring software helps the intensivists to monitor the near real time vital data for the patients in the home care or the quarantine facilities away from the hospital premises.


Curito focuses on building the next generation digital solutions for the healthcare providers for the clinic management including telemedicine, remote monitoring, franchisee solution for multi-location pathology labs and home healthcare solution

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