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Digital Development Capabilities

COVID 19 is the biggest accelerator of digital transformation. Technology leadership through digital delivery methodologies has been the savior of the hour. Cloud-based technologies with a strong business framework and mobile technologies are the key to business success.

Full Stack Development
Bootstrap 4.0, HTML 5, Javascript 6.0, CSS in the front end. Spring Boot , Spring MVC in the middle tier. RDBMS like MySQL or Object DB like MongoDB at the backend
Spring Framework
Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Microservices, SOA, Rest APIs, Java8, JPA, JSON. Other technologies used are Jasper soft, I-text and WebRTC
Cloud Based Applications
Microsoft Azure, AWS and cloud based infrastructures
Digital Interfaces
Android, ReactJS and Xamarin for handheld and mobile solutions

Delivery Methodologies

Agile based delivery mechanism with short sprints helps to delivery the customer requirements in time and within budget. Use of tools help to streamline the process and deliver project with consistent quality.

Increased efficiency and better collaboration within the team is brought through the use of the editors like Android Studio 4.1.2, Eclipse Photon, VS code, Dreamweaver, MySql Workbench, MongoDB compass.

High usage of tools at each stage of the delivery like Maven for Automated build, SVN for configuration Management, Slack for Communication and Jira for the stories help the seamless delivery.

Regular meeting of the scrums on stipulated time and identifying the design to testing issues helps to bring synergies.

On time delivery of the sprints are obtained through minute monitoring of the schedule and early identification and risk mitigation.

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