Curito Clinic
(included Telemedicine)

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Post-COVID telehealth is poised to be a USD 250 Billion industry.

Telehealth adoption has skyrocketed to be adopted by 46 percent of the patient usage in the USA compared to the 11 percent earlier. The adoption has been accepted by the provider and the patients to avoid the risk of being exposed to the virus and reduce the travel time.

Our solution for you

CURITO Clinic is custom-built for the Clinics, Hospitals, Out Patient Departments, specialty clinics like IVF, Ophthalmic and Dental clinics as not only to screen the patients who can physically visit the establishment but also reduce the repeat visits of the patients.

Compliance and Regulation (HIPAA & MCI)

Teleconsultation is not just restricted to video chat but the proper record keeping and the history of the patient is part of the solution. The sharing of the medical documents and the prescription in the format as per the GoI guidelines.

Multiple Clinics (Offline and Online)

Complete management of multiple clinics with scheduling and queue management capability. The mobile-based patient management module for patient CRM augmented with the chat with the doctor improves the efficiency of the system.

EMR (Assisted module included)

A 5 step EMR which takes care of the past history of the patients supported with the drug dictionary and access to the pathological and radiological tests makes it easier for the Doctor. The customized graphs and charts along with the support module for the clinical and non-clinical members of the clinic help for faster interactions.

Integration with Pharmacy and Laboratories

The easy to use software can be integrated with the Payment gateways for the online billing. The software can be customized to be integrated with the pharmacy order management and the reference to the pathology so that the patients can have seamless remote healthcare support.

Easy & perfect solution for you

Multi Locational Laboratory & Franchisee Management
Curito remote monitoring system